Feng Ji

Me chilling in SF, California (fifth one from the right).

I am a psychometrician/statistician and data scientist, serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the University of Toronto. I am interested in applying advances from machine learning, statistics, and causal inference literature to improve research methods and practice in behavioural and social sciences. I am also interested in leveraging AI and data science to improve education assessment, research, and practice (AI in Education).

I am also an affiliated faculty member of the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience(CPIN), Center for Smart Learning and Development(CSLD), and Data Sciences Institute(DSI) here at the University of Toronto. 

Before joining the University of Toronto in 2023, I worked at Google as a research data scientist and at American College Testing (ACT) as a research psychometrician.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

I am looking for highly-motivated students to join my group, especially if you are a